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Young horse workshop

Postby gundula » Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:29 pm

Just to let you know...

this weekend, we had a very enjoyable and interesting 1-day workshop on the young horse - from birth to backing.

Unfortunately, the two one-year olds we meant to use for the workshop had just succumbed to the dreadful weather we have been suffering, and due to their extremely snotty noses we could not use them for demo purposes. But as luck would have it we also have a beautiful one year old Welshie on the yard, and it was interesting to see how careful you have to be with an unpredictable youngster who is just a little bigger and more volatile than our Icies.

Then we moved on to the three-year-olds - not "trained" as far as we are concerned, but they turned out to be so relaxed, accepting and well behaved that this session was a rather "boring". However, as I keep on telling my clients: "Boring is good!" It means nothing unpedictable, dangerous or uncontrolled is going to happen. In this case - everything went according to plan.

The highlight of the day came when we backed a four-year old for the first time. By that time everyone appreciated my maxim "boring is good". Bjartur behave impeccably, and took to the rider like a duck to water. "Boring" it might have been, but everyone was most pleased with the outcome.

Would you like to participate in a workshop like this in your area? Let me know your thoughts, and we might be able to get that together


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