World Championship Team Selection 2011

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World Championship Team Selection 2011

Postby Emma Stanley » Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:38 pm

The IHSGB Sport Team and WC Selection Team are very pleased to announce that five riders achieved the minimum mark required to be considered for a place at the World Championships, and the following four were invited to participate in the British Team :

Jemimah Adams with Kraftur (may take Draupnir as a reserve)
Mike Adams with Svala (may take Draupnir as a reserve)
Charlotte Cooke - Glýmur (in the unlikely event that he is not fit to go, may take Sól instead)
Ann Savage - Eldur

Fi Pugh and Erró achieved the minimum mark, but Fi is already confirmed as a judge at this year's World Championships and may not compete as well.
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